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Revolutionizing Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Flexible packaging is a fundamental human need to sustain our population on that planet and it is our mission to revolutionize the way how packaging materials are produced in order to create a truly circular solution for a more sustainable future!

Main Goal !

APET packaging solution with temperature stability of up to 140 degrees Celsius !

Discover our innovative process for producing 100% circular and high temperature stable PET containers.

Our patented and groundbreaking new process of processing PET materials to formed containers with adjustable temperature stability of up to 140 degrees Celsius will change the world and save our environment.

Not to mention

Our Innovative Process to save the planet.

In Thailand alone the consumption of single use packaging solutions based on non-circular and non-sustainable materials exceeds 250.000 kilo tons a year!

Our ThermAPET solution can subsidize a huge number of products by our 100% APET based solution, adding additional circularity to our industrial landscape and removing a huge amount of singe use packaging from exposure or our environment.

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Why Choose ThermaPET

Experience the advantages of ThermAPET's sustainable packaging solutions. Our containers are not only environmentally friendly, but also offer exceptional temperature stability and durability. Join us in creating a greener future.

Our startup is right now in the Pre-Seeding phase, and we offer investors to join our journey to a more sustainable future.

About ThermAPET

ThermAPET is a pioneering startup dedicated to providing sustainable packaging solutions. Our breakthrough process enables the production of PET containers that are not only 100% circular, but also highly resistant to high temperatures.

Innovative Packaging Solutions for a Sustainable Future